FaeDine GameDev


Probably how you got here. It's a game about turning a Crank. Though I think there's a complete experience here, there's more I want to add to it. Still working away at this one, slowly but surely.

Interplanetary Courier
Worked on this for a game jam over on Reddit where it came in first place. It's a top-down space shooter where you use tetris-like-blocks to modify the stats of your ship. It's a bit rough, but I'm ultimately pretty happy with it.

Good Points
Made this mostly to take a break from other projects and finish something. An attempt at making game that's a bit introspective.

Atomic Thirst
Made for a game jam. Play as a merchant selling water in a post apocalyptic world. Wanted to practice my artistic skills. They still suck, but I'm happy with how this turned out.

Ludum Dare

Created for LD33 in 72 hours. A platformer with a monster that follows you around and corrupts creatures around you into enemies. I wasn't too happy with how the gameplay turned out as it felt a bit confusing. You can check out the entry page for it here.

Created for LD35 in 6 hours. I didn't have much time but wanted to get something in. It's not all that original but I was happy to get as much done as I did in such a short amount of time. The entry page for it is over here.


Teaching Game / Teaching Philosophy
Took a course where we had the option to do assignments in a format of our choosing. I made mine into video games.

The first game is trying to teach students with varying abilities / learning styles. You move around the room trying to teach in different ways. The colour of the student's shirt represents the style they prefer to learn in. More red means they like Examples (Red Teaching), more blue means they like Homework (Blue Teaching), and green means they like Lectures (Green Teaching). Combinations also work, so a yellow shirt would respond to Red or Green teaching. All students respond to 1-on-1 teaching (moving close to them).

The second game is my Teaching Philosophy essay presented with a bit of commentary in a game format (just a guy walking along a path). More interesting than a word document at least.

Voice Pong
Play pong with your voice! The louder you yell the higher your paddle goes. Requires access to your micropohone.

Kim Jong Eat
The premise for this would be a competitive eating game, where conflict on the world stage isn't resolved via wars or diplomacy but through eating competitions. You play as Kim Jong Un as her tries to take over the world by out-eating other world leaders.

Peebium Sea
Short thing made for a game jam. It's just awful. The theme was "Everything you know is Wrong". The goal is to kill yourself by controlling the enemies. It gets its name because one of the characters looks like Paul Blart Mall Cop (PBMC, Peebium Sea). Gotta highlight your failures sometimes, too.

Rolly Cats
Still just a proof of concept. Designed for mobile phones, you tilt the mouse and tap the screen to navigate your catball through the levels. It's setup for keyboard controls using the left and right arrow keys for tilting and up or space for tapping the screen. I'd like to develop this one further when I get the time to.

Spend Your Time
A weird "game" (I use the term loosely) I put together one night when I couldn't sleep. Click and hold to guide your time into various things. Hover the mouse over objects to see which ones can be use together.

I was using this to test out some platforming and lighting. WASD to move and jump. Mouse to move your flashlight around. Tap 'E' repeatedly to get your flashlight back on. Press 'Q' to float, because some leaps are impossible and debugging stuff is handy. I still think the light mechanic is cool but not cool enough to gear an entire game around.