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Ideas and Research


Played around with Kim Jong Eat's animation a bit. I've adjusted the timing so it's snappier on the uptake. Also trying to learn some animation techniques a bit; I've tried blurring and stretching the right on the up motion to convey a lot more speed and it already looks way better. I've added what I'm calling a "barf bar" to control the player's eating speed. Eat too much and you'll get sick and lose. There's a playable build posted.

When doing some research I also came across Major League Eating: The Game, a WiiWare game. I shouldn't be surprised about a game based on around eating contests already existing. I'll be looking at it to see what some of its foibles and pitfalls were as things to avoid. The gross, childish humour didn't go over well, so that's something to take note of.