FaeDine GameDev

AirConsole Progress


Finally got the AirConsole stuff to work. It ends up I needed to not minify the script when exporting it in Construct 2. Not sure why that would screw it up, but it's a fix, so I'll stick with it.

I got a starting menu screen up as a template / placeholder. Also added some basic two player game play, although there isn't much game there yet. I've got a ton of notes for game play ideas to test as things develop and characters are decided upon.

One idea I'm waffling on is input. I think having phone swipes (up, down, left, right) as in-game actions would have the best feel for a competitive game. It's hard to make that clear through gameplay and not outside a tutorial. Buttons would be simple but I think that you're losing one of the advantages of a phone that way. Also, because the buttons are on the screen and you can't really feel them, the need to look down would be really frustrating to reorient yourself to the buttons. I think some play testing with both will help decide which to go with.